Het Kadaster gebruikt een oplossing van Systemation voor het ontsluiten van haar 30 jaar oude Mainframe registratie systeem. Het Kadaster migreert haar applicaties naar een Unix omgeving. De aansluiting van de mainframe applicaties op de Unix omgeving vormt is het Kadaster cruciaal. Het Kadaster kan met de oplossing van Systemation eenvoudig data vanaf het IBM mainframe halen en verwerken in de Unix applicaties.

Dutch land registry office Kadaster selects GT Software’s Ivory to synchronize registry systems and reduce total cost of ownership

GT Software, a provider of mainframe integration and data access solutions, has announced that Kadaster, the Dutch Land Registry Office, has chosen GT Software’s Ivory product suite to modernize and extend capabilities of its legacy mainframe systems. Kadaster will use Ivory Service Architect to integrate information from its 30-year-old registry system into a new one, synchronizing data between these systems by implementing SAP Process Integration software as an enterprise service bus [ESB].

Kadaster collects information about registered properties in the Netherlands, records them in public registers and in cadastral maps, and makes this information available to members of the public, companies and other interested parties. Registered goods include houses and apartments, as well as moveable properties such as ships and aircraft.

Ivory Service Architect combines a high-performance SOA mainframe integration architecture with world-class development tooling to address the myriad of requirements facing large enterprises for mainframe web service integration. The Ivory suite offers a complete product family for integrating the mainframe – application logic, business logic, and mainframe data. The Ivory product family is standards based, with support for numerous mainframe and Web service standards.

Kadaster maintains its primary registration of property and rights in a property surveying registration system in a mainframe environment based on COBOL, CA-IDMS/DC and CA-IDMS/DB database systems. This system was originally developed between 1978 and 1982, and Kadaster wanted to migrate this system for several reasons:

  • to reduce its total cost of ownership;
  • to phase out its reliance on COBOL/IDMS applications;
  • to reduce the number of development platforms.

The mainframe system is still working properly from a technical and functional point of view. However, deep knowledge of the system is becoming scarce, and most experts are reaching the age of retirement. A ‘big bang’ replacement was prohibitive, so Kadaster started looking for an integration solution that would support an incremental migration and move towards an HP-UX platform.

At the same time, integrating the cadastral information was becoming increasingly important. Kadaster had been looking at several solutions that were based upon screen scraping, but because of several technical limitations these solutions were never able to create a 100% reliable solution.

“We wanted Kadaster to see that it was possible to synchronize data between the old registry system and the new system using trigger mechanism in COBOL programs and they opted to launch a pilot project,” said Jaap Franse, managing director for Systemation, GT Software’s representative in the Benelux countries.

Directly after the PoC was completed, the decision to adopt Ivory was made. A team consisting of technical consultants of Systemation and GT Software at the one hand and technical consultants from Kadaster and T-Systems installed the system, which was then deployed within weeks. While Ivory is now deployed in their mainframe environment, the exploitation of this resource is outsourced to T-Systems. Ivory is now daily used to synchronize updates on parcels with the HP-UX environment.

“Kadaster is yet another successful Ivory deployment that integrates mainframe systems with the new world of modern applications,” remarked Wilson Rains, vice president of international alliances for GT Software. “Applications and data that reside on legacy mainframe systems remain mission critical to business operations, and we at GT Software are delighted to see that forward thinking companies like Kadaster are using Ivory to address their integration challenges with this demonstrated success.”

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